Monday, 9 February 2009

OS Int Outplacement fair

Just a quick note to say how impressed I was with the Branch fair at the RAF club last night.
Thanks to all those former members of the Branch from industry who gave their time, including thoise from
Northrop Grumman
SCS not to forget, D Mil survey and our alma mater, JARIC
Chobham and Provost colleagues from

HP EDS, Fujitsu and Atos Origin.

I for one certainly face the end of my service with far more confidence having gained the benefit of your combined advice.


  1. Dear Harry

    Thanks for your kind remarks. I hope you will pass the links to my site over to any of your colleagues who are on detachment at the moment?

    best regard


  2. Adrian

    Many thanks, I must say I am a littler wary of the constant references to the Provost Branch on your blog.

    You may be aware that some of us a re rather uncomfortable about this.

  3. Harry

    Please don't worry about this, it is just some readers of my other posts do seem to bite over there position, or lack of, on PS + CI.